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Honeybee Project

No one can deny the tremendous technological progress of the past century. Perhaps, however, this progress has been accompanied by a gradual loss in the instinctual, holistic knowledge that has guided life on Earth over eons of time. We see an example of this loss in our honeybees, whose population in this country has declined by 60% over the past 10 years. Today, we are facing a crisis because of the loss of these pollinators, a crisis that attacks the very core of our food supply.

Spiritual Studies Institute recognizes the interconnected of all life and seeks to do its part to preserve our pollinators. We have a growing apiary at Manfred’s Place currently with 7 healthy hives, with each hive normally containing one queen (female), up to 25,000 attendants or worker bees (sexless) and depending on the strength of the hive, approximately one thousand drones (males).

A bee colony is perhaps the truest example of group consciousness existing in our reality. The sole reason for living for each individual member of the colony seems to be to improve, protect, and propagate the colony as a whole and to serve the queen.

We honor the collective consciousness displayed by bees and support our pollinators by using biodynamic beekeeping techniques and by providing water and ample foraging throughout the year. Of course, we refrain from using toxic pesticides that can be so destructive to bee populations (particularly neonicotinoids).