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Biodynamic Garden

We seek to maintain our vegetable garden, roses garden, and pollinator foraging gardens with biodynamic techniques. Organic gardening chooses more benign material substances to achieve fertility and avoids the use of the toxic materials that form much of the basis for today’s chemical agriculture.

However, biodynamic gardening goes beyond organic gardening in that it has a spiritual underpinning. It approaches the garden as an organism or individuality in itself. It respects the rhythms and cycles of nature and coordinates the gardening efforts with the movement of celestial bodies. It also makes use of specially made herbal and mineral substances in minute quantities to support the energetic aspects of the garden.

When we work in our gardens, we ask that the plants and inner helpers assist us to open our eyes and our hearts to discover the wonders of everything that is. We acknowledge and respect the exquisite interconnectiveness of all life.