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There is a peace
That cannot be understood;
It abides in the hearts
Of those who live in the Eternal.

There is a power that makes all things new;
It lives and moves in those who know
The Soul as One.

Community Light Meditation

Community Light Meditation is a guided meditation involving a process of focusing and utilizing higher stages of consciousness. Centered in the here and now, the process moves from the more instinctual to the more mindful stages of consciousness. CLM consists of five steps – concentration, Learn More

Great Invocation

People sense that personal prayer is not enough to meet the challenges of the present time. Many seek to do their part to align with planetary spiritual forces and seek a prayer to help them. The Great Invocation is such a prayer. Its purpose is Learn More

Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon meditation is held the evening before the actual full moon from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. At the period of the full moon, the alignment of the sun, moon and earth creates a strong stimulation and spiritual vibration which makes meditation easier and makes Learn More


We honor and thank all who came before us, all teachers from whom we have learned and who have been there for us with infinite patience, love, and wisdom. Noon-time Mantra We know, oh Lord of Life and Love, about the need. Touch our hearts Learn More