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This class presents esoteric healing principles as taught by the Tibetan Lama Djwhal Khul and from the works of Alice Bailey. Practical application of these principles to psychotic states and to such psychological diseases as depression, anxiety, obsession-compulsion, hysteria and addiction will be presented and discussed using case histories. Mehr erfahren

Des weiteren haben Studenten eine Zusammenstellung der Bücher von Djwal Khul / A. A. Bailey unter dem Thema Materialismus und Spiritualität: Eine Balance Finden angefertigt, sowie einen Vortrag zum gleichen Thema verfasst. Mehr erfahren

Spiritual Studies Institute offers a variety of courses and study groups; these offerings will change seasonally. Whether you're interested in learning about meditation or reading intensively in esoteric texts, we have something to offer you. Mehr erfahren