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Training in Discipleship

Spiritual Study Institute conducts an intensive study program in spiritual discipleship for those mentally focused individuals who choose and are able to make the appropriate commitment. This Servers Group attempts to develop the power of the mind (the ability to create), the power of intuition, and the power of love (the ability to heal). The program is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth but, as with any such program, it requires an investment of considerable time and effort over a multi-year period.

In general, this group spends one full weekend per month together in retreat in Valley Center, CA and is encouraged to attend Saturday and Sunday classes on a second weekend. In addition, the Servers Group is expected to meditate at least 30 minutes a day, to maintain a daily Spiritual Diary, and to complete considerable written homework each month. Servers Group members support the operations of Spiritual Studies Institute with their time and their finances to the extent of their capability.

Any candidate for the Servers Group must have regularly attended at least one intermediate class at Spiritual Studies Institute for an entire year. During that time, the candidate must have demonstrated consistency in attendance, homework completion, and daily meditation. Furthermore, the candidate must have modeled in his or her actions – right livelihood, right speech, and harmlessness plus must hold all of humanity with intelligent love in his or her heart.

At the present time, the existing Servers Group is closed to new members.

Please contact Harvey Cheatham (760-845-1571) for additional information on Spiritual Studies Institute’s Training in Discipleship.