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Other Courses

Informal Reading Circle

The Informal Reading Circle class introduces esoteric thought in a book-club format.  The class is both introductory as well as a class intended to deepen the more advanced student’s understanding of esoteric subjects.  Specific objectives of this class include:

  1. An opportunity to explore meditation, gain greater understanding of one’s spiritual values, and how spirituality can be a part of daily living.
  2. Assist participants in finding the highest place within them that might lead to greater peace of mind and satisfaction in one’s daily life.
  3. Provide a small group setting for participants to learn, discuss the application of the reading material to their life, and experience personal growth in a loving and safe environment.
People interested in group learning, self discovery, and spiritual transformation will find this class inspiring and enjoyable.

The Informal Reading Circle Class generally meets on the first Sunday of the month from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon (check schedule for exact dates).  There is no charge for the class, although there is a suggested donation of $20 per meeting.

Please contact Laurie Levine (951-970-5667) or Cheryl Thomas (619-922-4553) for additional information, to register for the class, or for directions to the SSI Ranch School.

Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon meditation is held the evening before the actual full moon from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. At the period of the full moon, the alignment of the sun, moon and earth creates a strong stimulation and spiritual vibration, which makes meditation easier and makes possible a much closer rapport with the inner worlds. It should be emphasized that the moon itself has no special influence. The moon’s function lies solely in its reflection of the sun’s light. When the moon is full, it reflects to earth the maximum amount of light from the sun.

Each month the inflowing energies carry the specific qualities of the constellation influencing that particular month. The full moon meditation offers the greatest opportunity for meditation – particularly in group formation – to be used as a means of service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel for the reception of energies of light, love and the will-to-good into human consciousness.

Please see the Meditation Section of this website to register to participate in Spiritual Study Institute’s Full Moon Meditation.

Community Light Meditation

Each month on the first Wednesday, Spiritual Studies Institute conducts a meditation class from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in Del Mar, CA. After a short lecture on some aspect of meditation, the group is led through the Community Light Meditation, which is a guided meditation involving a process of focusing and utilizing higher stages of consciousness. While centered in the here and now, the process moves from the more instinctual to the more mindful stages of consciousness.

The Community Light Meditation consists of five steps – concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination, and inspiration – allowing humans to step up and down the “consciousness ladder.” It can be thought of as a process of becoming and letting go. The Community Light Meditation is non-denominational and demonstrates equality because everyone can learn it, and it can be practiced any time and any place. In addition, it is an effective stress reduction meditation.

Please see the Mediation Section for additional information on this meditation technique. There is no charge for this class though donations are appreciated.

Please contact Dr. Tom Manheim (858-720-1133) or Cheryl Thomas (619-922-4553) for additional information about this meditation and for directions.