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Esoteric Healing

This class presented esoteric healing principles as taught by the Tibetan Lama Djwhal Khul and from the works of Alice Bailey. Practical application of these principles to psychotic states and to such psychological diseases as depression, anxiety, obsession-compulsion, hysteria and addiction were presented and discussed using case histories.

Each session included a guided group meditation and the recitation of healing mantras. “Through union of heart and head, healing comes from the soul level.” This state will be achieved through a new understanding of disease.
The following lectures were presented during 2010 in this class series:

  • Esoteric Healing: Learning Objectives View pdf
  • Introduction to Esoteric Healing View pdf
  • Energy Make-Up of the Human Being View pdf
  • Genesis of Unlived Soul Life and Disease View pdf
  • Psychological Diseases: Addiction View pdf
  • Psychological Diseases: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder View pdf
  • Psychological Diseases: Depression View pdf
  • Protocol for Conscious Co-Creation in Esoteric Healing View pdf
  • Esoteric Healing Protocol for a Healing Session View pdf
  • Radiatory Healing Meditation (Short-form) View pdf
  • Esoteric Healing: Questions and Answers View pdf
  • Esoteric Healing Glossary View pdf