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Esoteric Healing

This class presented esoteric healing principles as taught by the Tibetan Lama Djwhal Khul and from the works of Alice Bailey. Practical application of these principles to psychotic states and to such psychological diseases as depression, anxiety, obsession-compulsion, hysteria and addiction were presented and discussed Learn More

Other Courses

Informal Reading Circle The Informal Reading Circle class introduces esoteric thought in a book-club format.  The class is both introductory as well as a class intended to deepen the more advanced student’s understanding of esoteric subjects.  Specific objectives of this class include: An opportunity to Learn More

Training in Discipleship

Spiritual Study Institute conducts an intensive study program in spiritual discipleship for those mentally focused individuals who choose and are able to make the appropriate commitment. This Servers Group attempts to develop the power of the mind (the ability to create), the power of intuition, and Learn More

Students’ Publications

Students of Spiritual Studies Institute have written a variety of academic papers with spiritual overtones, including three doctorial dissertations and a master’s thesis. In addition, students have prepared a compilation from the Djwhal Khul/Alice Bailey books on Materiality and Spirituality: Finding a Balance and a Learn More